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Yen Press Authorizes Rose Guns Days Sorrowful Cross Knife Prequel Manga

Rose Guns Days Sorrowful Cross Knife

Rose Guns Days Sorrowful Cross Knife.

OtakuFeed found out that Yen Press revealed Friday that it had authorized artist Tsuyoshi Takaki’s Rose Guns Days Sorrowful Cross Knife (Rose Guns Days: Aishū no Cross Knife ), the prequel manga to Ryukishi07’s original Rose Gun Days manga. The company will launch the manga online on February 21. a summary of the story:

1946, two years after the war ended in Japan. An orphan named Wayne has been hired by District 23’s Club Primavera-the base of operations for the brothel alliance vying for power with foreign militaries and the mafia. When a series of murders strikes fear and rage in District 23, the prime suspect is Jack, the orphan boy Wayne sees as his brother. Torn between belief and doubt, Wayne struggles to find the answer to the mystery before him-who. Exactly is Jack? The culprit…or just another victim?

Takaki and Ryukishi07 released the manga in Square Enix’s Monthly Big Gangan magazine in 2012 and concluded it in 2013. Square Enix issued the manga’s second and final compiled book volume in December 2013.

Artist Mei Renjōji released a particular prequel manga, Rose Guns Days: Fukushū wa Ōgon no Kaori, in 2013 and ended it in 2014.

Mitsunori Zaki released the Rose Guns Days Last Season manga in Big Gangan in April 2014 and ended it in June 2015. The manga adjusts the fourth and last of 07th Expansion’s Rose Gun Days visual novel “seasons.”

Artist You Omura completed the Rose Gun Days Season 3 manga on the Gangan Online website in March 2015. The Rose Guns Days Season 2 manga by artist Nana Natsuishi was completed in Square Enix’s Monthly G Fantasy magazine in March 2014, and Sōichirō’s Rose Guns Days Season 1 manga concluded in Gangan Joker in February 2014.

Yen Press has launched the manga in English.

Ryukishi07 (Higurashi: When They Cry, Umineko When They Cry) madethe original Rose Guns Days game’s story.


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