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The Vampire Dies in No Time Anime’s 2nd Season Theme Song Will Be Performed By Jun Fukuyama, TRD

The Vampire Dies in No Time

The Vampire Dies in No Time

OtakuFeed found that the official site for the manga Itaru Bonnoki’s The Vampire Dies in No Time (Kyūketsuki Sugu Shinu) revealed today the theme song artists for the anime’s second season. Jun Fukuyama, who also voices the main character Dralc, will come back to perform the brand new intro theme song, “NEW DRAMA PARADISE.” In addition, TRD, Takayuki Kondō, and Daisuke Ono’s “technologic vocal unit” will come back to perform the brand new ending theme song “Cozy Crazy PARTY!”

Fukuyama’s brand new single for the intro will release on January 18. TRD’s single, for the ending, will release on February 15.

The season will air in January 2023.

Ayumu Murase will voice Mikazuki, a dhampir who has arrived at Shin-Yokohama to eradicate vampires.

Hiroshi Koujina (Grenadier, 2011 Hunter x Hunter) is returning to orchestrate the anime at Madhouse. Toshi Takamine is in command of the series formatting and script. Yukie Sugawara (The Vampire Dies in No Time‘s first season, OverlordKino’s Journey – The Beautiful WorldNo Guns Life) was initially reported to be in command of the anime’s scripts. Mayuko Nakano (Maiden RoseWWW.WAGNARIA!!) is coming back to create the characters and serve as chief animation supervisor.

The first season aired in Japan in October 2021, and Funimation premiered the anime. The first season had 12 episodes.

Fukuyama performed the anime’s first opening theme song, “DIES IN NO TIME.” TRD performed the first ending theme song, “Strangers.”

The gag manga centers on Dralc, a feared vampire as he is gossiped about to be indestructible. The vampire hunter Ronaldo goes to Dralc’s palace after hearing that Dralc has abducted a child. But when Ronaldo comes to the palace, he finds that Dralc keeps perishing over every little thing and diverting to dust. Drac’s true nature is that of the most helpless vampire.

Fukuyama plays the effortlessly slain yet effortlessly resurrected vampire Dralc, while Makoto Furukawa voices vampire hunter Ronaldo.

Manga creator Bonnoki launched the manga in Weekly Shōnen Champion in June 2015.


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