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Sazae-san Anime Gets New Sequel Stage Play in 2022



OtakuFeed found that the Sazae-san anime has encouraged a brand new stage play at the Meijiza Theater in Tokyo from January 29 to February 13, 2022.

The stage play is about the former 2019 stage play conversion of the Sazae-san anime. However, the past stage play was set about ten years after the original anime.

Takahiro Tamura is coming back to compose the brand new stage play, which will star a returning cast (from left to right in the picture below). Norika Fujiwara will be playing the titular housewife character, Shingo Katsurayama will be acting as Sazae’s husband Masuo, Keiko Takahashi will act as Sazae’s mother Fune, and Ken Matsudaira will be acting as Sazae’s father, Namihei. Takahiro Tamura is conducting and writing the stage play.

The past stage play conversion opened in September 2019 in Tokyo and Fukuoka. The stage play was a portion of the 50th-anniversary commemoration for the anime conversion of Machiko Hasegawa’s Sazae-san manga. Tamura also leads and wrote the play and set it a decade after the anime’s story.

The anime conversion of Machiko Hasegawa’s family life manga Sazae-san began airing in October 1969. The anime is usually the highest-ranked animated series in Japan each week. In 2013, the show was bestowed the Guinness World Record for the longest-running animated series, extended in 2019.



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