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Oban Star-Racers Anime Started Kickstarter Campaign in February For Blu-Ray Release

Oban Star-Racers

Oban Star-Racers

OtakuFeed found that Oban Star-Racers co-director Savin Yeatman-Eiffel unveiled that he would be starting a Kickstarter campaign for the Blu-ray Disc launch of Oban Star-Racers in February 2022. The statement cited that the anime would be HD in 4:3 aspect ratio, 11 different languages, English and French subs, and a collector’s edition launch that will contain a brand new mini-artbook.

Yeatman-Eiffel co-supervised the Oban Star-Racers anime with Thomas Romain. The anime was a co-development between French animation studio Sav! The World Productions and Japanese anime studios Hal Film Maker and Pumpkin3D. The anime aired in 2006. In addition, the anime was premiered in the United States on ABC Family and Jetix.

Shout! Factory published the anime on DVD in 2008.


 In the world of Oban, a race amongst some of the universe’s most excellent star pilots happen. But, unfortunately, the stakes have risen as the one who takes first place get’s to control the universe, and the Earth’s team Whizzing Arrow has been undermined, placing the fate of Earth into the hands of a last-minute 15-year-old substitute driver.



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