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Nami Sano’s Migi to Dali Manga Will End in November


Migi to Dali

OtakuFeed found that the 88th edition of Kadokawa’s harta magazine unveiled that Nami Sano’s Migi to Dali manga would conclude in November’s magazine’s upcoming edition.

The manga’s sixth volume unveiled in July that the manga’s seventh volume this winter would be the last.

The manga was published in the 46th edition of harta in July 2017. 


Beneath the table is the angel’s mystery.

A boy named Hitori was delivered into the family of a middle-aged couple who was not blessed with children. Nevertheless, his parents were loving, his house huge, and his meals warm. But to preserve the comfort he had experienced, Hitori proceeded to cover up an essential secret from his parents.

Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto was Sano’s leading franchise. Sano issued the series in harta in 2011 and concluded the series in December 2015. Seven Seas Entertainment issues the manga in North America, and the company issued the fourth and concluding volume in July 2016.

The manga encouraged an anime adaptation that was aired in April 2016. Crunchyroll aired the series as it was streamed in Japan. Sentai Filmworks has authorized the series.


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