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My Dress-Up Darling Anime Showcases Staff And New Visuals


My Dress-Up Darling

OtakuFeed found that this year’s 21st issue of Square Enix’s Young Gangan magazine announced the staff members for the anime of Shinichi Fukuda’s My Dress-Up Darling (Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru) manga on Friday. In addition, the anime’s official website also revealed a new visual.

Keisuke Shinohara (Black Fox, A3! Season Spring & Summer) supervises the anime at CloverWorks. Yoriko Tomita (As Miss Beelzebub Likes, Osamake: Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose) manages the anime’s scripts. Kazumasa Ishida (Kiznaiver, Saekano, the Movie finale character design assistant) creates the characters and works as chief animation director. Takeshi Nakatsuka (Magical Girl Ore, Brothers Conflict) is making the music, and Akiko Fujita is the sound supervisor.
Square Enix Manga & Books issues the manga in English.
Scarred by a childhood occurrence with a friend obsessed with traditional dolls, doll-artisan expectant Wakana Gojō spends his days as a recluse, attaining solace in the home ec room in his high school. To Wakana, people like pretty Marin Kitagawa, a stylish girl constantly surrounded by many friends, are essentially an alien from a different world. But when optimistic Marin, never one to be modest, see’s Wakana seaming away one day after school, she barges in intending to rope her quiet classmate in her secret pastime: cosplay.
The manga was published in Young Gangan in January 2018. Square Enix issued the manga’s seventh volume on April 24 and will issue the eighth volume on October 25. Square Enix Manga & Books issued the fourth volume in English on June 8.



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