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ippatu Tsugumi Project Manga begins its Climax on its 7th Volume

Tsugumi Project

OtakuFeed found out that the sixth compiled book volume of ippatu’s Tsugumi Project (Tora Tsugumi) manga revealed on March 6 that the manga would be starting its climax on its seventh volume, which will launch this fall.

Japanese artist ippatu illustrates the manga, and French publisher Ki-oon launched it as an initial manga in France in 2019. Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine started serializing the manga in Japan in January 2021. The fifth volume will be issued in France in December 2022.

Kodansha USA Publishing licensed the manga and will launch the manga’s foremost volume on May 9. The manga’s second and third volumes will launch in English on August 1 and October 24, respectively.

Kodansha USA Publishing represents the manga’s story:

In the far future, a soldier named Leon is taken from his family on a trumped-up charge and dropped into a suicide mission: Recover a dangerous weapon from a deadly place — a place ruled by giant, irradiated, mutated monsters —a place once known, 200 years ago, as Japan. He and his teammates aren’t expected to survive this place. One of the scant pieces of information they have is the weapon’s name: Tsugumi.


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