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Ghost Idol Comedy Manga Phantom of the Idol Will Receive An Anime Adaptation

Phantom of the Idol

Phantom of the Idol

OtakuFeed found that the online retailer Rakuten has just listed the January 2022 copy of Ichijinsha’s Comic Zero-Sum magazine. The listing’s cover image indicates that Hijiki Isoflavone’s Phantom of the Idol (Kami Kuzu Idol) manga will be getting an anime adaptation.

Kodansha Comics has authorized the manga.


Yuuya, a part of a boy pop duo ZINGS, may be the dullest musician in the Japanese music business. His associate is out there delivering 110% each night. Still, Yuuya’s quite lazy, mediocre dancing and his openly hostile stance to the audience has the supporters disliking him and his agent searching for a way to get him off. The occupation of a pop idol isn’t the route of easy relaxation and admiration Yuuya anticipated‚Ķ

After an expressly lifeless concert image, Yuuya faces a girl backstage. She’s decorated all around in a colorful outfit. She’s full of energy and spirit, but there’s just one issue: She’s been deceased for a year. This is the ghost of Asahi Mogami, the famous singer whose background on the stage was sadly cut short.

Isoflavone published the manga in Comic Zero Sum in December 2017. Ichijinsha issued the manga’s fourth compiled book volume on April 24. Kodansha Comics will publish the first volume in English on May 22, 2022.



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