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‘Child of Kamiari Month’ Anime Movie Trailer Unveils October 8 Première And More Cast

Child of Kamiari Month

Child of Kamiari Month

OtakuFeed found out that the official website for Child of Kamiari Month (Kamiari no Kodomo) anime film project recently streamed the film’s full trailer on Friday. The trailer shows the film’s theme song “Kanna” by singer-songwriter Miwa and announces brand new cast members and the film’s October 8 opening.

The brand new cast members consist of Arata Iura (bottom left) as Kanna’s single father Norimasa Hayama (bottom right), and Kou Shibasaki (upper left in the image above) as Kanna’s mother Yayoi Hayama (upper right) 

The Anime Expo Lite event showed a look at the film last July. But in Izumo, it is named “Kamiarizuki” (“the month of gods”) because of a legend that the myriad gods of Japan meet at Izumo Shrine throughout October. Maaya Sakamoto (Escaflowne’s Hitomi, Fate franchise’s da Vinci and Jeanne) voices Shiro, a one-winged rabbit herald of the gods, while Miyu Irino (Spirited Away’s Haku, Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE’s Syaoran) voices Yato, an oni boy. Both arrive before Kanna and travel with her to Izumo. In the ancient Japanese calendar, the month of October is called “Kannazuki” (“the month of no gods”). Aju Makita (live-action Shino-chan wa Jibun no Namae ga Ienai’s Kayo) voices the protagonist Kanna, who loses her will of chasing after her mother after she dies. 

cretica universal had unveiled its project with the very first crowdfunding campaign in March 2019. The first fundraiser was considered the start of the movie’s “first commit” from March to May 2019, with the two other fundraisers being the “second” and “third commit.”

LIDEN FILMS representative director Tetsuro Satomi is the project’s animation producer. She and Her Cat -Everything Flows- director Kazuya Sakamoto is the “creation director.” Toshinari Shinohe is in administration of the planning and is recognized for the original work, while Takana Shirai is attributed to the original concept and animation director. Michihiko Suwa (Detective Conan films) and Teppei Mishima are planners and producers for the project. Haruka Sagawa is the character designer. Tetsurō Takita and Ryūta Miyake are writing the script. Singer-songwriter miwa will do the film’s theme song, “Kanna.”


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