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Caste Heavens Chise Ogawa Releases Brand-New Manga on April 4

Caste Heavens

Caste Heavens.

OtakuFeed found out that the April issue of Kadokawa’s Young Ace magazine revealed that Chise Ogawa (Caste Heaven) would publish a Brand new manga titled Blood Night Market in the magazine’s May issue in April 4.

The manga’s plot is in Blood Night town, where vampires pursuing blood and humans skimming for blood buyers gather. Sotetsu, a human imprinted as “wasted blood,” or blood that no one desires, operates for an organization that disperses vampires’ illegal activities, named the Blood Control Bureau. One day, Sotetsu encounters a bizarre vampire who proclaims to be a food (or blood) cognoscente. A suspenseful battle of liaison and redemption begins.

Ogawa just released the vs.LOVE manga in Libre Publishing’s Be x Boy magazine in June 2022, and its first compiled book volume was issued in November 2022.

Ogawa formerly made the Caste Heaven manga, which released Be x Boy in 2014 and concluded in 2021. Libre Publishing launched the manga’s eighth and final collected book volume in October 2021.

SuBLime authorized the manga and launched the eighth volume on January 10.

The manga encouraged a smartphone game that was released in April 2019.


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